Zen12 – meditate in 12 minutes

Zen12 is meditation tool for anyone who:

  • has not got much time in their busy schedules to meditate or learn to meditate & thereby reap the many benefits of meditation.
  • believe that they have poor focus & concentration or that in some way meditation would not be easy for them.
  • have already tried meditation but found it difficult or gave up practicing, then it will make it easy & something you’ll look forward to once more.
  • want to find a quick way of having meditation breaks in their days.

Each meditation session lasts for just 12 minutes, so you can easily fit it into your schedule. And it uses special ‘brainwave’ sounds to automatically shift you into a state of total relaxation. Your mind and body will naturally chill out, and your mind will quieten naturally. Zen12 basically meditates for you! Why I personally recommend this system is because it is very easy to use, very effective, very affordable & because each meditation only lasts 12 minutes, it is possible to do several ‘instant meditations’ throughout the day, whenever I need a break or a recharge. It is also possible to meditate for longer by just listening to more tracks in one go or by putting it on repeat.

The science of Zen12 – how does Zen12 work?

Zen 12 is an incredible breakthough in sound assisted meditation. The technology uses the principles of Brainwave Entrainment whereby the our brainwaves fall into the same rhythm as the beats & tones that they are listening to. No effort is required on the listeners behalf, it just happens automatically. (Of course, if listening to these tracks is combined with consciously using a meditation techniques it can be even more powerful). As a result, it is possible to reach the deeper levels of meditation that would normally take years of practice & meditating for an hour or so – in just 12 minutes!! Embedded within the Zen12 tracks are Isochronic Tones that are in alignment with our normal waking brainwave patterns at the start of the tracks. Our brains naturally sync with these tones & beats through natural brainwave entrainment. The isochronic tones are then slowly lowered in frequency & our brains naturally follow this change & take us into the correlating deep meditative states.

How To Use Zen12

The entire Zen12 program contains 12 levels. Each level helps you meditate even deeper. After each month, or whenever you feel ready, you shift to the next level. Every single level comes packed with all of the science that will automatically take you down to those deeper states. But not everyone enjoys the same style of meditation! Some enjoy listening to relaxing, spa-like music whilst others prefer the sounds of nature. And some people want to be follow a meditation exercise and be guided down into those deep states. For this reason, there are four versions of each level, so you can choose which you prefer:

  • Relaxation music – the ultimate in spa chill-out!
  • Guided meditation – be guided you into a deep state
  • White noise – great at blocking out background distractions
  • Sounds of nature – babbling brooks and exotic locations

You can mix and match throughout the month, so meditation will never be boring!

Would you like to try a couple of tracks for free?

If yes, then sign up on this page & they will email you two of the first level tracks to try it out.

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An expensive alternative to Zen12 – “Holosync”

You may also be interested to know about Holosync which is a similar but older system that uses bi-aunal beats. The meditation recordings on this last for 1 hour, so you need to be able to commit to longer meditation sessions & it is not so useful for the quick meditation fix. The first level costs about $99, I think & the whole system of 12 levels (that should take about 6 years to complete!) was about $1500. I used this system myself for several years & it can be very helpful but I must say that I have found the Zen12 system much more user friendly & effective. However, if you are interested to know more about it you can click here.