The Modern Meditator

Meditation for Busy People – making meditation simple and easy

This  website is for anyone who is interested in exploring and gaining the benefits of meditation but has limited time to practise and learn how to meditate in their busy lives. There are loads of great benefits that come from meditating regularly but sometimes it can be hard to find the right teacher, the right type of meditation, the right course or sometimes it is hard to get beyong the initial challenges that we may come up against when we attempt to learn how to meditate. Here, you will find some really useful tips, tricks and technology that will make the journey into regular meditation so much easier!

The Simple Meditation area

Designed  to simplify the practice of meditation by giving you very simple techniques, some great tips and a basic understanding of meditation for you to try and to practice. Have a look

The Easy Meditations area

Gives you some fantastic tools that make the experience of meditation accessible and effortless. These tools include recordings and technology that effect the brain or the heart directly and thereby enable you to instantly drop into a state of meditation without trying. Modern research and science confirm that meditation is great for you! It is kind of bizarre that we seem to have to wait until the men in white coats with clip boards tell us that meditation is actually really good for us before many of us are prepared to accept it but actually that is how we have been conditioned to think for the last couple of hundred years. Well the great news is that there have been hundreds of fascinating scientific research projects that have looked at lots of different aspects of the impact of meditation and they all agree that it has a lot of incredible results. Click to learn more…

Meditation is great for:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Becoming Happier
  • Boosting Creativity
  • Improving Cognition and Memory
  • Developing Concentration and Focus
  • Increasing Health and Longevity

So if you would like to introduce any of these benefits into your life, then have a peruse through the website.


Its about Balance

Meditation is  an important way to being happier but there are also other important ways to become happier and to find more balance in life. I highly recommend that you also have good nutrition and some form of exercise in your life to create better balance. If you are pursuing Happiness in particular, I would highly recommend that you look into look into Positive Psychology techniques which are really effective.


p.s You dont have to be religious

The meditative path that I am promoting is not a religious path (although the meditative practise will support any religious practise). By this I mean that you do not have to have any particular religious belief to practise or try meditation. You may, however, experience it as a spiritual path and you will certainly find it to be a very rewarding path.